The Health Checklist

Mariah Stock

Fitness enthusiast with 10 years experience in applying nutritional & training principles. 2x Gold in IFBB Bikini, 8 placings across 3 different federations (INBA,ANB,IFBB). Dubbed the 'Pull-Up Queen' by Simply Shredded, and 'Pull-Up Goals' by BarStaarzz Calisthenics Experts.

No overly restrictive diets & unnecessarily complex training. Simple, achievable strategies that work.

Advocate of:

• doing 1 scary thing a month
• cardio for your heart ♥
• exploring your passions
• meaningful connections
• connecting with nature

Mariah has always been deeply creative, with a passion for art and is also fascinated by human behaviour. She studied a bachelor of business with a major in marketing and has worked in marketing and content creation in various categories.

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