Ethically handmade in West Africa. The waist jewels are tied on permanently (until they meet their fate) as per the Love of Fate ritual. These are not decorative jewellery which is taken on or off as you please. Instead, Love of Fate features the traditional African tie-closure. A symbol and loving reminder of accepting all that is to come.

Sorrows & tragedies. Ecstasy, passion, love & everything in between. Climb higher than ever before. Fall harder & faster. The views are beautiful from the top, But also at the bottom. 

We have the power to control what is within. We have power over how we feel and what we omit. Love of fate is about embracing all these moments, culminating into the complex story that is your life. A daring tale. An experience unique to you and you alone. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, all the thoughts & experiences, good or bad. You are alive and there will never be anyone quite like you.