All My Sons

Come and watch All My Sons at the New Theatre. In the aftermath of World War Two, Joe and Kate Keller appear to be the perfect Middle American couple: he’s a successful businessman and she’s a home-maker. Together, they’re the embodiment of the American Dream.

But there are cracks in the façade. Joe escaped a wartime charge of supplying defective parts to combat planes by letting his partner take the blame, and he’s been living with the guilt ever since.

Larry, their younger son and his parent’s favourite, was declared missing in action during the war, but three years later, Kate stubbornly refuses to accept his death.

Meanwhile, older son Chris is attempting to win the love of the father he idolizes.

But instead of reconciliation, old wounds are opened, and the bitter recriminations that ensue expose painful and unforgivable truths.

Arthur Miller’s searing drama of a family in crisis, written in 1946, was also a scathing indictment of post-war America. Half a century later, it is still devastatingly relevant.

“A tribute to the enduring power of Miller’s appeal” The Guardian



Director & Sound Designer Saro Lusty-Cavallari
Set Designer Kate Beere
Lighting Designer Aron Murray
Costume Designer Eleni Chrysafis
Assistant Director Lucy Burke
Stage Manager Freddie Fitzpatrick-Lubowitz 
Assistant Stage Manager Atlas Andrews


Kyle Barrett, Kath Gordon
Liam Greinke, Bridget Haberecht
Michael Harris, James Hartley
Greg Poppleton, Mariah Stock
Kaitlyn Thor, Jack Waters


Preview Tue 25 Apr 7:30pm
Opening Night Wed 26 Apr 7:30pm
Thu – Sat 7:30pm, Sun 5pm
Final performance Sat 27 May 2pm
New Theatre

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