When is The Right Time?

A year ago, a particularly health conscious friend of mine who is always sharing healthy recipes and exercising was rushed to hospital in need of life saving, emergency surgery.

Life is entirely unpredictable and more often than not, not fair. I personally have always been the kind of person to save the best for last. I love ending things on a high note. I eat my least favourite parts of the meal first, leaving the crunchiest, most flavourful bits for the last bite. The perfect mouthful for an everlasting memory of delight.

The marshmallow/delayed gratification test for children (children are given a marshmallow and told that they can eat it there and then or wait 15 mins and get two) is often cited as a predictor of future success due to it reflecting willpower. Whilst incredibly valuable, sometimes delayed gratification can mean you save the best for last, only to have a fly land on it.

We often wait for ‘the right time’ to explore things which carry more risk, only to find that it never arrives (no magical calendar invites, sorry).

I always ask myself, if things ended today/last week/the week prior would you still be on board with what you are doing today?

P.s. do your cardio for your 💛⁣

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